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21848 Olmstead Street
San Jacinto, CA 92583



Formerly known as Tim's Firewood.                                                     

   From  1977 through 1982 Tim was a Union Carpenter.  He was laid off November of 1982. Soon after that a fellow carpenter contacted him to cut down a very large eucalyptus tree on his property. When the job was completed, Tim asked, "How do I get paid?" and the fellow carpenter replied, "Tim, open up a firewood business and sell these logs."    Tim took his advise without a second thought, opened up a firewood business under the name "Tim's Firewood"  for 25 years. In 2007 Tim's business name changed to include his family, now known as "T & C and Son Firewood". And so that's how his firewood business began.

        Another thing that has made T & C and Son Firewood so successful today is his wife Connie, entrepreneur and aspiring model. Also their four sons who have always contributed much to the business, all being raised in the firewood business. Cody is the youngest son saving all his earnings for college; he always looks forward to generous tips for extra money. 

      Since 1982 Tim's had the biggest firewood business in the Inland Empire. He is responsible for providing outstanding firewood services to customers in the Inland Empire, mountain and desert areas. Tim began cutting pine, eucalyptus, citrus and assorted mixed wood. Also, each year he cuts down orange trees for citrus wood.   T & C and Son Firewood recycles logs for many tree companies.