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About Us:

   From  1977 through 1982 Tim was a Union Carpenter.  He was laid off November of 1982. Soon after that a fellow carpenter contacted him to cut down a very large eucalyptus tree on his property. When the job was completed, Tim asked, "How do I get paid?" and the fellow carpenter replied, "Tim, open up a firewood business and sell these logs."    Tim took his advice without a second thought, opened up a firewood business under the name "Tim's Firewood"  for 25 years. In 2007 Tim's business name changed to include his family, now known as "T & C and Son Firewood". And so that's how his firewood business began.

                                T & C & Son Firewood
                                21848 Olmstead Street
                                San Jacinto, CA 92408
                                (909) 800-1352


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